A Caregiver’s Guide to Grief and Loss of a Spouse

Whether a coworker loses their mother, a college roommate’s brother passes or a childhood friend’s father dies, as we progress through our twenties, supporting those close to us through grief becomes an increasingly common process. We need to learn not only how to handle a friend’s grief, but how to handle it well. When dealing with a friend’s grief, it’s not uncommon to feel totally out of your depth, especially if you haven’t experienced a significant loss of your own. And while platitudes like, “Every cloud has a silver lining,” and, “Everything happens for a reason,” might seem like helpful things to say to someone who’s suffering a loss, they can often have the opposite intended effect. As writer Tim Lawrence once wrote , such platitudes are “the kind of bullshit that destroys lives. Acknowledge It If you are close enough to an individual to even ask yourself, “Should I say something to them because I know their loved one just died? I still find myself bothered, wondering, ‘Why didn’t so-and-so say anything to me when my mother died?

Death of a Partner: How Age Affects Grief and Grieving

Pinterest9 In the last few days I have been reflecting how the loss of a partner tends to bring a number of age-dependent issues. In fact over the 14 years that I have been doing this work, I have counselled those bereaved of a partner in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. In this article I reflect on how age typically affects the experience.

My client is crying. How comfortable would you feel offering these to someone recently bereaved? the tissues are near the client, so that it is clear they’re not your personal supply (I have hay fever so do a lot of sneezing in the summer, but I have my own stash of .

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Guest Post Fourteen months after my husband died of cancer, I started online dating. I could, just not with him. But once I actually started dating, some guys said some pretty strange things.

Prior to working with the bereaved, if you asked me “what do people commonly say to a person who has recently lost a spouse?” I would never put this on the list. Because who would say this to someone?

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LOST MY PARTNER blog: best online support if you’re widowed

Share this article Share Their son, Sam, was born in December It was a bittersweet moment. Holding him, Jon burst into tears and admitted that he didn’t know whether he was crying with joy or sadness because he knew he might not see his son grow up. Five months later, hospital tests revealed that the tumour was back. Jon had, at most, a month to live.

He opted to have gruelling bouts of chemotherapy and radiotherapy to prolong his life.

It’s not easy for a widower to let friends and family know there’s a new woman in his life – especially when many of them are still grieving over the late wife’s passing. He’s probably worried that they’ll think he’s moving on too fast or, perhaps, won’t be open to the idea of seeing him with someone else.

Join for free at Over40sdatingagency. Free to Join Sign up and search for free, try it now. He replied straight away and we just kept messaging. For our first date, we met in Liverpool and went on a pub crawl. From the start, he kept holding my hand and kissing me but at the end, he hugged and kissed me very romantically for the first time. We have since been on lots of dates and recently had a weekend trip together.

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Her book, The Saturday Night Widows, details the trials and triumphs following tragedy — and new research about what really helps the bereaved. It was such a strange, alienating experience. I think the person who ran the group had a very set idea about how we should all talk about how sad we were and he encouraged that. He made everyone share their most traumatic and sad memories.

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Follow DivineCaroline at DivineCaroline By Annie Tucker Morgan, DivineCaroline If you have had the experience of losing a loved one in your lifetime, you understand that the mourning process can be so agonizing and prolonged that it feels as if it will never end. According to bereavement expert Camille Wortman, PhD, blogging for the PBS series This Emotional Life, our personal discomfort surrounding death and tragedy, whether conscious or unconscious, often rears its head when we try to reach out to grieving people , even if we have the best of intentions.

Conversing with a grieving person can evoke feelings of helplessness because objectively, there is little we can say or do to help. Such interactions may also enhance feelings of vulnerability, because they make us realize that bad things can happen at any time. I experienced a similar tragedy when I had an abortion. Whether that means sitting quietly with a grieving friend while she cries, asking people to prepare food for her for a few weeks, or researching support groups for her to attend, know that you do have the power to provide genuine comfort.

My Spouse Is Dead: Letting Go Emotionally

There is no singular way for a recent widow to mourn, but plenty of books to help you move forward. Death is the ultimate equalizer. For all its suffering and heartbreak, there’s beauty in the commonality of loss within the human experience. Less beautiful is the paralyzing fear you feel after losing a loved one that you won’t, can’t, move forward. The newly bereaved—specifically widows—often misinterpret their current stagnancy as a permanent purgatory, when it’s really just a matter of finding a community of other widows that seems most fitting for your practical and emotional priorities.

There is no singular panacea book to make the pain go away.

But who are we to judge the decisions of the recently bereaved? I remember a conversation at the kitchen table with my mother and her friend a week or so after the sudden death of my father, in

Abstract In this study we examined the following: The San Diego Widowhood Project was a prospective study in which widows and widowers who were identified through San Diego County death certificates completed detailed questionnaires 2, 7, 13, 19, and 25 months after their spouses’ deaths. The main outcome measures for this study were marital and romance status, attitudes toward romance at several time points, demographic predictors of romance status, and self-reported measures of psychological well-being.

Women expressed more negative feelings about forming new romantic relationships. Younger age was a predictor of becoming involved in a new romance for women, and higher monthly income and level of education were predictors for men. Greater psychological well-being was highly correlated with being remarried or in a new romance 25 months after the spouse’s death. It may be helpful for family, friends, and therapists to know that dating and remarriage are common and appear to be highly adaptive behaviors among the recently bereaved.

Widowed and Dating: Loving Two Men

Gone are the traditional methods of dating—nowadays, singles everywhere are using the internet in search of that special someone. As we get older, our choices of potential mates are often limited by where we live, our spiritual and recreational interests, and introductions from friends or relatives. Online dating brings together people who share similar interests, age ranges and beliefs, but who would probably never meet by chance. It can be fun and enjoyable, but just remember to be careful.

Letting Go Emotionally; A Wider Perspective February (11) March (14) I recently lost my husband due to depression and drugs. I was about to walk out of his life and move on due to lies, cheating and drugs. Grieving was the hardest thing I ever did. I was fortunate that I found a local peer support group for bereaved people – that helped.

How do I help my friends through breakups? Dear Captain Awkward, I have never been in a relationship and yet somehow I often wind up being among the first people told about break-ups of others. I was at a complete loss what I should say and eventually merely said that to let me know if she wants to go for a meal sometime and that I find keeping busy helps. What kind of film? Preferably no rom-coms I guess. As life goes on, I can only assume that as break ups are part of life, I will be in this situation again.

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Over 40s Dating Agency

August 2, The Scoop: This niche dating site has been a much-needed light for widows and widowers experiencing dark days. Its online search and matching tools have connected thousands of singles across the nation and given them a place where they can discuss their grief without fear of judgment. Patton has used his talents as a comedian to work through his frustrations and pain with his characteristic biting sense of humor.

What to say to someone who’s been widowed (and what not to say) In her book – “If there’s anything I can do How to help someone who has been bereaved” – WAY’s former Chairman Caroline Doughty has gathered some of the best things to say (and not to say) to someone who’s been widowed.

He was absolutely crazy about me, and I about him. Then out of the blue, in the middle of the night, his father died just two months into us being together. Though I felt a bit uncomfortable with it, I knew right away I had to and wanted to be the person that would be by his side at every stage of the funeral, though we had only begun to get serious. I had never met his family beyond brief introductions.

I attended everything with him, giving him space but letting him know I was there if he needed me. He wanted me over nearly every night, contacted me frequently, and I could tell he really appreciated my being there for him. His mother, obviously completely distraught, started to lean on him, her only child, for many things. He is living with her. And I know this is necessary.

We still speak daily and see each other multiple times a week, but there is an obvious change in the dynamic between us. He was not someone to wear his heart on his sleeve to begin with. I really like him and want to stick this out, but my insecurities are telling me he is pulling away. Any relationship has to have them — among other things — to succeed, but in a situation like yours, you need an extra big dose of each.

Being With Someone Who Is Grieving