Martin had first tried building ukuleles in , but with little success. A few years later America had a severe case of Hawaiian music fever, prompting Martin to try once more at finding a way out of the economic rut that had plagued the company for decades. By the time Frank Henry made a second attempt at building ukes in the company probably had a chance to inspect a genuine Hawaiian instrument, such as those made by Manuel Nunes or Jonah Kumalae. This time, instead of building spruce-topped baby-guitars as they had in , Martin used thinner woods, an all-mahogany body including top , and a minimum of very light bracing. Although the earliest examples were still a bit crude, the result was a good-sounding ukulele, and by January of Martin was selling hundreds, and then thousands, of instruments that were highly affordable and small enough to take anywhere. Style 2 Unlike the guitar and mandolin, the little uke wasn’t difficult to play–basic chords could usually be mastered in a couple of days even by those who had never played another stringed instrument. The uke, like the later fads such as hula hoops and rollerblades, seemed to be everywhere. Though vaudeville hotshots like Cliff Edwards Ukulele Ike and Roy Smeck performed amazing musical gymnastics on the instrument, for most Americans the ukulele was easy fun on four strings. For those wishing more of a challenge, there was the Martin taropatch, an eight-string uke, and the tiple, with ten steel strings.

Mainland Ukes Quality performance ukuleles at an affordable.

Six months ago, he fused his passion for music and fondness for collecting ukuleles into a business to share both his hobbies with Molokai. Thus was born Molokai Music Maker, where he sells handmade and vintage ukuleles from Hawaii, the mainland, Indonesia and beyond. You come to Hawaii, you should have a ukulele. You can find him behind a table scattered beautifully with polished, rich ukuleles every Friday at Hotel Molokai Kupuna Friday Nights from 3: He also sets up shop at the weekly Saturday Kaunakakai Market from 9 a.

Many local ukulele talents join Ragsdale at his booth on Saturday mornings for an impromptu jam session full of seasoned aunties and uncles and novice keiki.

Martin ukuleles are probably the most sought after brand of ukulele around. It’s many ukers’ dream to come across a vintage Martin ukulele at a car boot sale for a tenner. You’ll often see the ukenoscenti throw around the names of different styles of ukulele, so I thought I’d knock together.

Here you will find the best vintage ukuleles previously handcrafted by some of the finest ukulele luthiers in Hawai’i and select parts of the world. It has a hotstamp name and serial number on the inside which was before the paper labels, Flea Market Music, Inc. If you like Favilla sopranos, This number can be used to date a guitar and in some cases tell where it was made. Favilla Ukulele Ukulele Review Favilla, like Martin, were a mainland US guitar company who were quick to pick up on the trend for ukuleles in the Serial number Martin ukuleles?

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I’m just someone who likes to make music. I hack away at it; I have since I was 14, back when the Beatles were still new. Still, I enjoy playing, and perhaps learning even more. So this is a page for amateurs like me. I had sold my last guitar a few years back in order to focus on other things the shakuhachi, for one.

Ukulele. Sweet sounding, easy to play, traditional 4 String Ukuleles from Takamine.

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In alone, Martin sold nearly 2, ukuleles, which was roughly the same number of guitars and mandolins it had sold in the previous ten years combined. This year, Martin is celebrating its th anniversary of publicly offering ukuleles, with a beautiful new display in its museum in Nazareth, Pennsylvania, as well as with two new Centennial ukulele models. By , when guitar maker Christian Frederick Martin and his family left Germany to start a new life in America, a number of tourists to the Portuguese island of Madeira had already returned home and spread reports of a small four-string guitar that was the characteristic instrument of the island.

) I have had quite a few ukuleles since I started playing a little over 2 years ago this is the cream of the crop. I have a nice Martin Koa too and I have to admit it’s a really close uhmm love for both instruments and even still the Godin is my favorite feel, sounding, and looks.

Martin, the Martin Guitar Company of Nazareth, Pennsylvania, soon became world renowned for making some of the world’s finest guitars. It was during the start of the ukulele craze in the early part of this century that Martin started making ukuleles. Today these ukes are without peer and are some of the most highly sought after by collectors. Even Hawaiian musicians, especially the old timers, have a special place in their hearts for Martin ukuleles. Martin Guitar factory, circa As early as , F.

Martin was experimenting with the ukulele, the earliest one recorded was made on December 10th of that year. These first Martin ukes were not well received, they were made too much like a guitar, with a lot of bracing in the body. They had spruce tops and this wood did not produce the light, bouncy sound associated with the ukulele.

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When his father died in and Frank Henry Martin took over the mantle as the head of C. At that time, H. In Martin started selling guitars direct to mandolin dealers and the relationship with Zoebisch slowly deteriorated until when the last guitar was sold to Zoebisch.

The History of Martin Ukuleles Part II The Standard or Soprano Martin uke is the most common size and the Style 0 is by far the most common style. Market prices shown are for vintage instruments in excellent condition.

Martin martin’s website My ‘s S0 Soprano Martin are probably the number one name to look for In Ukuleles, they are a byword for quality and, certainly for older models, command the highest price, the new ones aren’t cheap either. They inadvertently created two of the larger scale definitions we use today. Martin started out making Taropatchs in , of which people liked the extra volume but didn’t like the tuning issues so in Martin put the strings back to 4 and the Concert was born.

As well as the different sizes they aslo produced different levels of decoration starting the Style 1 and 2 in S2’s had triple bound top binding black-white-black with ivorioid outer binding and S1’s had no binding around body and a small ring around soundhole. In they added an outer binding to the S1 and the unbound model became the S0 they also started the S3 with a 7 layer top binding, alternating stripes of white celluloid and ebonized maple and a 5 layer soundhole ring.

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You can purchase a new Kamaka ukulele from any of our authorized dealers or order one directly from the factory. As a Kamaka customer you are entitled to the highest quality customer service. Our Retailers can assist you with any questions you may have about our instruments, including our Limited Warranty and serial number registration. Why is it so difficult to find a retail store that sells Kamakas or has them in stock?

The demand for our instruments greatly exceeds the supply.

Gibson, Martin, Taylor and many others build quality, solid production instruments played by the best. When folks ask whether they should go with a production guitar or uke or a custom handmade instrument there are a few easy questions to ask to get to the right answer.

Until the brand read “C. Martin New York”, when it was changed to “C. In the brand was finally changed to C. Some pre guitars have the date penciled on the top just inside the sound hole. The size and style designation was written on a paper label, glued inside the top of the instrument case. Beginning in the model numbers were marked on the neck block, inside the body. Martin also built mandolins introduced in , ukuleles introduced in , taropatches an 8-stringed ukulele , tiples a stringed ukulele , Hawaiian guitars, and tenor banjos in plus a few custom instruments.

Martin workers are allowed to build a guitar for their own use after they have been with the company a stipulated period. Some of these turn up and vary from the standard instruments, but they are usually very nice and are frequently signed by the maker. One good way of dating old Martin ukuleles is the headstock. First, they stamped the logo on the back of the peghead from circa

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It arrived today and I’ll give my honest It arrived today and I’ll give my honest critique pre-gig. I’m sure there is nothing better in this range, and most people will be satisfied with this purchase. If you are a professional accustomed to using higher end equipment, this amp will fall short of your expectations unless you employ some additional tweaking. See below for some suggestions.

Martin quality, in a beauty of a Ukulele! The S1 Uke sounds fantastic, plays great, and has the looks to match! This soprano ukulele features all-solid wood construction, with a mahogany top, back, an.

Custom Orders Can I order an instrument directly from Collings? Unfortunately, we do not sell instruments directly from our shop. All custom orders must be placed through an authorized Collings dealer. Please visit our dealer page for a complete listing of dealers. Can I provide my own wood for a guitar that I’m planning to order? Unfortunately, we are unable to use customer supplied woods. While you may have a wonderful set of wood, we go to great lengths to source the highest quality materials for our instruments and prefer to build with our own wood.

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Warranty Dating Your Uke Kamaka ukuleles have been made since , so if you are fortunate enough to have inherited an older model, you may be curious about when it was made. From to , date stamping was used on the interiors of the instruments. And beginning in , Kamaka Hawaii began using serial numbers. But if numbers have worn off, or for the period from to , you will need to look for other clues to determine when your Kamaka uke was made.

As a reference, please visit the Historic Kamaka Ukes Gallery for examples of early Kamaka ukuleles from the family’s private collection.

Dating martin ukuleles. Ukuleles made by martin started making ukuleles with peg tuners. What year of the same period. Quick guide to date. A real waste of the pono soprano ukulele is a commercial instrument cleaner like to date of the date. Quick guide to date .

See More Back With a history dating back to , there’s no denying that C. They’ve been around to see the guitar evolve from a crude folk strumbox into the amazing instrument it is today – and, in fact, they’ve played a central role in a lot of the guitar’s improvements over the years. In designing these guitars, Martin had a simple goal: They’ve done a great job of it, and these are incredibly versatile instruments that work great as travel guitars, starter strumboxes and more.

When you want a guitar that’s fun and easy to play with a traditional look and feel, go for a Little Martin. On the other hand, if it’s something even smaller that you’re looking for and you don’t mind thinking outside the box, the Martin Steel-String Backpacker Acoustic Guitar or its nylon brother might be just what the doctor ordered. The projection these little instruments can put out will probably surprise you, and they’re built tough so that you can take them off the beaten path: Like anything else to roll out of the C.

When the situation calls for a compact acoustic axe, there’s no better lineup to choose from than the one you’re looking at right now. No Results Found We’re always adding musical instruments that can ship internationally. Email us and we’ll pass along your request to the manufacturer. We can help you find what you’re looking for.

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